Friday, August 3, 2012

Walking Memory Chocked Lanes

This has certainly been a class to reminisce about. College, I have found, doesn't teach you, as much as it teaches you to teach yourself. In technical classes that give you tools and direction, this is prevalent. We are given an instructor with more knowledge than time, and she has found a way to transfer as much of it as the individual is willing to absorb. This class will be valuable to me throughout a career in any field. I certainly hope it is related, but hey, I'm walking away with more than I ever have from a collegiate experience.
To list what I have learned is as ridiculous as the numerous sleepless nights in Reece. Lovers of Seattle certainly rest more frequently. The technical takeaways are uncountable. However, the two most important things to carry onward have been the importance of relationships and planning. Relationships are easier for me, but learning to appreciate planning and what it gives a filmmaker easily fits into a MasterCard commercial.
I have loved the intensity and how we are forced to become colleagues & compadres, but more importantly to rely on one another. I hope to take my relationships from this class To Infinity and Beyond, or at least to the professional world.
I have to say thank you. Finally having a teacher that has made me excited about my major. I have eked through this department with nothing much but a bitterness for it being so behind the times. While partially my fault, I am again excited and will be a proud alumnus now, I truly believe.


  1. Worded beautifully, you can always call on me my friend. Thanks Dr. Raimist for sharing so much knowledge and thanks to my compadres.

  2. Thanks man. I don't know why but the blogger app will not let me go to your page. Anybody with google plus I can't see. I was gonna comment on yours, of course. Tho is why I have not.